The foam glass PINOSKLO can be used not only for insulation of smooth flat surface, but also of pipes, vessels, columns and round vents and chimneys. Fashion products of foam glass can insulate any pipes: heating, water, ventilation, chimneys and many others, where safety, durability, protection against condensation and corrosion are necessary.
Our insulator PINOSKLO will serve equally well in any environment: outdoors, underground and water, in hot and cold rooms, next to the open fire, in chemically aggressive environments.


Such type of foam glass is made individually, taking into account the diameter of the piping, the required density of insulation and temperature modes.
It is used for insulation of:
– heating pipes, ventilation pipes;
– water supply pipes;
– chimney;
– containers.

Physico-mechanical properties:

Density 125 kg/m3
Compression strength ≥ 0,7 MPa
Thermal conductivity, W/(m К)
at temperature (20±5)°С
≤ 0,052 W/m*К
Non-combustible material