On May 29, 2012 in Kyiv there was DE&AR Party, organized on the occasion of the completion of the II-nd stage of the residential complex on the street. Grushevskogo, 9a. This thematic event was held under the patronage of the group of companies SOBI in one of the reputable buildings in Kiev.

This event brought together the best architects, designers, leaders of the construction market of Ukraine. Leading companies in this segment of the Ukrainian market with their own production and owning the latest technology presented their unique products.

One of the organizers and participants of DE&AR Party was our company PINOSKLO. We have presented our products – foam glass, which in Ukraine is now producing only in our plant – “Tekhnologia” Research & Development Enterprise in Shostka.

On the DE&AR Party there were also presented other products:

  • collection of marble of the company “Marble IMHB “;
  • manufacturing technology for the exterior decorative elements, made from artificial stone, of the company “Fabrika Lepnogo Decora” (Factory of stucco decoration);
  • technology execution of stained glass of “Vitragh Art” (“Stained Glass Art”);
  • samples of items of joinery and forging companies “Joiner yard Sobi” and “Metal Art”.

The event showed that the Ukrainian construction market, architectural and design art in recent years, had significant advances, leading out Ukraine on the world market as a producer.
And the launch of foam glass production at our plant in Shostka in 2010 – is one of the main achievements of these.