• Our company PINOSKLO provides the following services:

The manufacture of block foam glass of any density we will make them to order Ready-made foam glass blocks have such dimensions: 600 x 450 mm with density from 30 to 120 mm with a step of 10 mm. these products are always in stock.


We offer manufacturing of foam glass blocks of any density more than 120 mm with the increments of 10 mm.

When ordering products, You get all the information about this block foam glass of the desired density from our manager.

If such products are not in stock, You place an order for its manufacture, negotiate terms and prices. We will make you foam glass block of any density!


Manufacture of shaped objects for pipes of any diameter, we will make them to order. You can order shaped objects – covering for pipes and tanks, we will make them to order. We manufacture shells for pipes and tanks of any diameter.


We manufacture covering for pipes and tanks of any diameter. To make an order for the manufacture of shaped objects, specify:

– the diameter of the pipeline or vessel;

– the density of the heater;

– the temperature regimes for its normal work.

Make your booking with our manager and prescribe to him the time of manufacture and price. The price will be calculated for each order separately by the manager.

We will make shaped objects of any size for you!