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Other than our standard 600x450mm blocks, you can order manufacturing of cellular glass blocks with thickness greater than 120 mm, blocks of specific form or blocks with specific coating. If during your conversation with our managers you found out that blocks with thickness you desire are not currently present in stock – you can order their production. Our manager will consult with the production team and tell you costs and production time.















You can order manufacturing of shell-shaped cellular glass. These shells are mostly used in pipe or tank insulation.

Minimal diameter of the pipe/tank that is to be insulated – 76 mm.

To order manufacturing of shells, please, specify:

– the diameter of the pipeline, tank or vessel;

– temperature regimes of the pipeline during its operation;

– information of pipeline vibration during operation;

– purpose of the pipeline/tank;

– important requirements from the contractor/lead engineer/owner of the pipeline (if any).

Tell this information to our manager and we will calculate the price and time of manufacturing of your order. Each order is calculated separately by our staff.