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If we are talking about the cost of the cellular glass, it should be emphasized that this material stands out of a number of other thermal insulation materials for its special properties. It can be said with certainty that the cellular glass on a number of properties (durability, incombustibility, water resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to high temperatures, and others) has no analog. In a comparative analysis with other materials, we have shown that cellular glass is unique because it has very important nowadays physical property - environmental safety. icons But the most environmentally friendly and safe insulator cellular glass has another benefit. This is economy. Cellular glass of the Ukrainian origin is quite affordable material comparing to other options on the global market. That’s why every year PINOSKLO cellular glass is becoming more popular in the construction business.
Cellular glass PINOSKLO in slabs
name Density (± 10%)in kg/m3 Thermal conductivity, W/(m.K) Compressive Strength, kPa
PINOSKLO 125 ≤ 0,054 ≥ 700
  • Dimensions 600*450 mm Thickness 30 - 120 mm
  • Other dimensions and thicknesses are available upon request. The material is packed in pallets (1200*1100*800 mm).
The price is determined per cubic meter of cellular glass. To calculate the cost of thermal insulation of your project will, you need to calculate the surface area that needs to be insulated and multiply it with the thickness of insulation layer. Many construction companies around the world choose our cellular glass PINOSKLO, which has excellent quality and reasonable Ukrainian prices.