Cellular glass PINOSKLO is absolutely safe, environmentally friendly thermal insulation material with unique properties and characteristics. Cellular glass is the most durable and reliable of all known thermal insulators today. Thermal insulation, that would rival with cellular glass is simply haven’t been invented yet.

Cellular glass PINOSKLO – is inorganic material, which consists of hermetically sealed glass cells.
Such structure makes our cellular glass PINOSKLO the best insulation material. Its unique structure creates a vapor and water barrier. The cellular structure of the material provides outstanding compressive strength, which makes it the most durable thermal insulator even under long-term compression.
In addition, cellular glass has all properties of glass – non-flammability, dimensional stability (no deformation and shrinkage), biological stability (against insects and rodents), acid-resistance, longevity.

High-quality thermal insulation gives you the opportunity to save energy, which is extremely important nowadays.
In order to choose insulation material properly, it is necessary to answer the following questions:
– Is the insulator environmentally friendly?
– Is the insulator energetically optimizing and does it have any emissions?
– What is its service life? Will it be in proper condition after at least 25 years?
– Does the properties of this insulator change during the service time? Will it require an expensive repair in some time?
Cellular glass PINOSKLO fully corresponds to these requirements. Our cellular glass PINOSKLO has long service time (100 years), environmentally friendly, incombustible and is economically feasible. These properties make PINOSKLO an ideal thermal insulation material.

Dimensions of slabs of our cellular glass PINOSKLO is 600*450 mm. The thickness varies from 30 to 140 in increments of 10 mm.

It is used for insulation of:
– building’s facades, internal walls;
– floors, heated floors;
– roofs and ceilings;
– plinths, foundations, basements;
– terraces, attics;
– baths, pools;
– roads, ways;
– industrial premises with high requirements for fire safety;
– processing equipment;
– piping.

Main properties:

Density 110-130 kg/m³
Compressive strength ≥ 0,7 MPa
Thermal conductivity, W/(m К)
at temperature (20±5)°С
≤ 0,054 W/m*К
Non-combustible material