Cellular glass PINOSKLO can be used not only for insulation of smooth flat surfaces, but also of pipes, vessels, columns and vents and chimneys. Shell products made from cellular glass can insulate large variety of pipes: heating, water, ventilation, chimneys and many others, where safety, durability, protection against condensation and corrosion are necessary.
Our material PINOSKLO will serve equally reliable in any environment: outdoors, underground and water, in hot and cold rooms, in chemically aggressive environments.


This type of cellular glass product is made individually, taking into account dimensions of the surface that is a subject for insulation, the required thickness or other parameters of insulation and temperature modes.

It is used for insulation of:
– heating pipes;

– cooling pipes;

– ventilation ducts;
– water supply pipes;
– chimney;
– containers;

– other industrial applications.

Main properties:

Density 110-130 kg/m³
Compressive strength ≥ 0,7 MPa
Thermal conductivity, W/(m К)
at temperature (20±5)°С
≤ 0,054 W/m*К
Non-combustible material